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Dedicated Hosting Server

Your ambition to cater your clients 24x7 is now only a call away, with Technowebsy now providing dedicated hosting service to clients across the country. A dedicated web hosting service as the name suggests, is the one where an entire server is wholly dedicated to one single client. Technowebsy ventured into dedicated hosting due the fact that many companies wanting to expand their operations, especially overseas had to face a lack of dedicated hosting services.

A dedicated server, unlike a shared server is rented by a single client that stores the client data as well as processing environment required to run client web applications and services.

Enterprises that are engaged in a twenty four hour client service system usually go for dedicated hosting servers.

Going for dedicated hosting servers offers you the following advantages :

  • No Compromise On Data And Processing : Since you are using a dedicated server, you don’t have to share your resources with another client. You get to use the server’s memory to store your company/client database and have all the processing power to yourself to run real time client processing requests on your web applications. This leads to an unhindered continuous service throughout the year.
  • Improves Credibility : A dedicated server usually offers services across the dateline to overseas clients and to local clients who have businesses running post midnight. The dedicated nature of those servers characterised by a continuous service improves your credibility. This in turn might help you gain more clients.
  • Cost Beneficial In The Long Run : A dedicated server might cost you more, but in the long run it offers more benefits with regards to the services it provides. While you may have to spend a bit more, it is only a couple of years down the line you will know that they extra cost was worth.

If you are thinking of expanding your services and are looking for a dedicated hosting service in Mumbai, Technowebsy can help you realize your ambition. We are a trusted web hosting service in Mumbai with clients who have already scaled up with the help of our dedicated servers.

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